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Getting Started

Before reading other guides in this series (and if you are not familliar with asset repair) I would suggest reading this guide first.

Terms used in this guide

Content Manager - this is the program that is part of Trainz A New Era that allows access to assets.

Asset - this is another term for a piece of content in the game (each item in the list shown in the image above is an asset)

Right-click - this means clicking the right mouse button on an item - this usually brings up a menu.

Open for Edit - this means 'opening' up the asset to allow it to be edited. In general terms it creates a folder for the asset's contents. In addition to this, Edit in Explorer opens a system folder window showing the asset's folder, Edit Config File Text opens up a Notepad (or your equivalent program if text files are set to open in a different program) containing the configuration file for that asset, and Edit Primary Script opens Notepad or your script editor if you have one set up for .gs files.

Submit Edits (previously known as Commit) - this is to add the changed content back into the Trainz database (see option in image above)

Revert - this option is to restore an asset to the state it was before it was opened for edit. Revert to Original goes one further - it reverts assets that have an original version installed back to that version.

Config.txt - this is a text file that can be found in each content folder, and contains information specific to that piece of content (see image below - the item in blue is the config.txt file)

View Errors and Warnings - this option allows the user to find out why an asset is showing up as faulty in the list.

Where there are specific terms for some asset faults, these will be covered on the relevant pages.