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Guide 1 - TGA incorrectly used as .texture.txt and raw image file

The first guide covers the following error (item in question is in blue):

To deal with this requires a change to the config.txt file (if you are not sure what this is, refer to the Getting Started page)

1. To start with, open Content Manager if it's not already open. To do this, click Manage Content on the Launcher screen.

2. Right-click the offending asset and click 'Edit Config File Text'.

3. This stage will require you to find the offending line which contains the image name mentioned in the error. Your best bet is to use the Find option in the program you are using, which can usually be found in the Edit menu. There may be more than one line that needs to be edited - do it for all instances.

4. Once you have found the offending line, change the .tga part to .texture, then save the file.

5. Close the editor (usually Notepad although for Mac it could be different) and the folder window.

6. Right-click the asset again in Content Manager  - this time click Submit Edits.

Important - sometimes this does not fix the issue. If this happens, remove the line/section that references the file.