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T:ANE Menu options

File menu

The options are as follows:

Show Launch Window - this brings the Launcher screen back up if you are elsewhere in the program.

New Content Window - this opens a new Content Manager window.

Close Window - this closes the window that you use the command in.

View PDF Manual - this opens the Trainz A New Era manual (you will need Adobe Reader or similar installed to use this option).

View Online Documentation - this opens the Trainz A New Era documentation in your internet program (at this stage, it opens the Knowledgebase on the N3V Support site)

View Credits - this opens the Trainz A New Era credits page in your internet program.

Start Trainz - this functions the same as the Start Trainz button in the main part of the screen, and starts the main game.

Visit Test Track - this option opens the new Test Track module which allows testing of engines on a track.

Start Tutorials - this option starts the main game and makes the tutorials screen appear.

Import Content Files/Folder - these two options allow importing of content from previous versions as well as content that's downloaded from the Internet outside of Content Manager. The main difference is that the Files option is for content packs (CDP files) and the Folder option is for content folders that contain a config.txt file.

Download Purchased Items - this option can be used if you have purchased downloadable content and it doesn't offer it for download when you use Start Trainz.

Edit Menu

This menu works similar to other Windows programs.

Developer menu

New Content - this creates a blank piece of content under your user ID.

Rebuild Database - this allows you to repair your asset/content database if a problem develops or if you have made changes outside of Trainz other than opening an asset for edit and committing.

Show Warnings and Diagnostics - this option usually works alongside the Rebuild Database option and shows any warnings during that process.

Show/Clear Logs - this shows or clears the internal Trainz log.

Show/Clear Profiler - this shows or clears the internal performance information.