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Trainz A New Era - The Basics : Installing Trainz A New Era

This particular part of the guide deals with the installation of Trainz A New Era.

The images shown here are from the Windows boxed version, but the Windows digital download version should behave similar.

Mac versions, however, use a different installation method that I will not be able to cover here as I haven't got the Mac version.


If you have the digital download version of T:ANE, it's likely that the download is in the form of a large ZIP file. If this is the case, right-click the ZIP file, then click Extract All. Once the Extract All wizard appears, click Next to start the unzip process - a Windows/File Explorer window will then appear with the installation files inside. You can then double-click the setup.exe file (this is likely to be the one that just appears as just setup) to start the process.

For the disc version, it should automatically start the installer. If it does not, go into Computer, then your DVD drive (usually drive D or similar) then double-click setup.exe (which may appear as just setup) to start the process.

The installation wizard : Stage 1 - Welcome

Once you have started the setup program, you should get the following screen:


All that needs to be done on this screen is to click Next.

Stage 2 - License Agreement

The next screen to appear is the license agreement as shown below. Click the option to agree then click Next (the Next button isn't showing on the screenshot here due to the size of the window).

Be aware that in some circumstances the agree/not agree options do not appear. This is due to an issue with window sizing and requires a change to the display scaling in Control Panel back to 100%.

Stage 3 - User Information

The next screen requires you to enter your user information. The user name and company boxes are normally already filled in but if not, enter the relevant details (for company, anything can be entered). For boxed versions, there is an extra Product Key box (as shown in the screenshot below)  - your Trainz A New Era serial number as given in the box needs to be entered.

Stage 4 - Select Destination Location

At this stage you need to decide whether you want to install Trainz A New Era in the default location, or change the location. There is an advantage to changing the location - it allows you to install it to a different drive or a different folder other than in Program Files or Program Files (x86) which can help reduce permission related issues. If you are installing more than one copy of Trainz A New Era, it's strongly advised to install each copy in a seperate folder to avoid conflicts. Once you have made your choice and updated the box if you choose to, click Next.

An example of a non-default location is G:\TANE.


Stage 5 - Personal Data Location

This screen (see screenshot below) works similar to the previous screen but it's purpose is for you to select where you want Trainz A New Era to store it's content. Whilst it is possible to accept the default by clicking Next, there are a few advantages to selecting an alternative location:

  • It can reduce the amount of space used on your C (system) drive if the content is stored on a different drive if you have a system with multiple hard drives or solid state drives installed.
  • The default location is inside a hidden folder which may make the content harder to find, whereas an alternative location can be set whether it's hidden or not.
  • If you install more than one copy of Trainz A New Era, setting each one to use a different folder prevents conflicts between the versions and allows them to run independently.


An example of a location that is not default is G:\TANE\content. 

Stage 6 - Select Start Menu Folder

This screen (see below) works similar to other program installers. You can keep the default setting by just clicking Next or you can change it if you are installing more than one copy of Trainz A New Era.

Stage 7 - Select Additional Tasks

On this screen (see below) there are two tick boxes - one for creating a desktop icon and one for creating a Quick Launch icon on the taskbar at the bottom. Choose whether you want such icons or not (they will make it quicker to launch the game if they are present), then click Next.


Stage 8 - Ready to Install

On this screen (see below), you can check that the information that you have provided is correct. Click Next if it is, or Back if it is not.


Important Information

After completing Stage 8, you will get the following box appear. This is important information, as it will advise on the next stage and give approximate timings for the rest of the installation. Be aware though that the speed of the remaining part of the installation will depend on the speed of your computer and of your DVD drive if you are installing a boxed version.

Stage 9 - Preparing to Install

This particular stage will take a while and may appear to not be doing anything. Do not click anything on this screen - Stage 10 will start automatically once the required information is read in from the compressed information. If you get any errors (apart from the one shown under Boxed Versions) it means something has gone wrong during the reading process and means that one or more of the compressed files are corrupt and will require a replacement file.

Boxed versions

During Stages 9 and 10, you will get a box (shown below) asking you to change discs. This will need to be done 3 times (for stage 9, you will need to swap discs part way though the process and again during stage 10)

Stage 10 - Installing

Once stage 9 has completed reading in the required information, the screen will change to show a progress bar (see below). During this process, you will not need to do anything until the Finishing Installation stage - during that stage you will need to allow Trainz A New Era access to the Internet if prompted, as it will run in the background to finish setting itself up. This may take a while - do not cancel the process, and wait for the final part of the wizard to appear. If you get an error during this process, it means that one of the compressed files may be corrupt and may need replacing before reattempting the install,

Stage 11 - Install Complete

When you get the box shown below, your installation of Trainz A New Era is complete. In some instances you may have to restart your computer before you can run the game.

For instructions on running the game for the first time, see the following part of the guide: Trainz A New Era - The Basics : The Launcher

If you have any questions, let me know on the Trainz forums ( - my username there is shaneturner12.