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Trainz A New Era - The Basics : The Launcher

When you open the program, you will see the following window (note - I've labelled this one to indicate what the different parts are):

Menu Bar

Click the following link to read about the menu options available on the Launcher:

T:ANE Menu Options

Action Buttons

Start Trainz - this starts the main game (same as the Start Trainz option in the File menu)

Manage Content  - this opens the Trainz A New Era content manager.

Trainz Settings - this opens the Settings box (details of this can be found on the Trainz Settings - the options page)

Purchase Content - this brings up the Purchase Content screen where payware downloadable content can be purchased.

Trainz Build Version  - this number indicates what version your Trainz A New Era installation is. This can be important to identify updates for the game although in most cases the game will prompt if an update is available.