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Trainz Settings - the options

Note - this is to do with the Trainz Settings box accessed from the Launcher not the in-game settings box.

When you click Trainz Settings on the Launcher screen, you will get the following box (note - this box may vary slightly between editions of Trainz A New Era).

The various parts are as follows:

General Tab


This is the tab that appears when you open the Settings box (hence why it's shown twice on here).

The options are as follows (from top to bottom)

Graphics Card - This is the first drop down box on this tab. If you have more than one graphics card that Trainz recognises, you can change which graphics card it uses. Note that for some systems (mainly those using a Intel/Nvidia combo) it will only show one graphics card which is usually the Intel one - to get it to use the Nvidia card you will need to use the NVidia control panel.

Full Screen/Resolution - this tickbox allows you to run the game in full screen. If you wish to change the resolution that the game runs at, you must tick this box first in order to get access to the resolution box next to it,

Language -  this lets you set the language you want for the game from the options shown.

Manage Content as Thumbnails - This option affects the Content Manager part of the program. If the box is ticked, it will show a small image as selected by the content creator next to the piece of content in Content Manager. If the box is unticked, it will show the content in columns.

 Install Tab


Note - the Product Key part only appears for boxed edition users.

Local data folder - this is where your Trainz A New Era content is stored. It is possible to change it using the ... button, but make sure you've moved the content from the original location to the new location (whilst Trainz A New Era is not running) before changing this setting, which will require the game to be restarted for it to take effect.

Non-default local data folders

By default, the local data folder is C:/Users/<username>/Appdata/Local/N3V Games/TANE. Whilst this may be the default, there are a few potential issues where changing this may help.

An example of a non-default location is G:/TANE/content - in this case, the local data is stored on a different drive. This will reduce the amount of space taken up on your main C (system) drive. As more than one copy of T:ANE can be installed on a system, using a non-default location can help prevent conflicts between versions.

Another example is C:/tanecontent - in this instance, the local data is stored in a different folder on the same drive. This will help avoid the hidden folder (and conflicts between versions) but is not as good as storing on a different drive.

In addition to this, the default location is inside a hidden folder which may make it harder to find. Changing the default allows you to set a non-hidden folder.

One bit of advice though - if possible, don't set your local data folder so it's inside the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder. This is because Windows sets strict restrictions on those two folders that makes editing content harder.

Product Key (boxed editions only) - This is where you can add your product key (which is the same as your serial number) to activate your boxed version.

Performance Tab


The options on this tab control some of the performance aspects of Trainz: A New Era. N3V's own explanations for these options can be found by clicking the Performance Help option. Also, be aware that most options require the Settings box to be closed afterwards to take effect and some may require the game to be restarted.

Most of the time, you may not need to change much here unless you are using a lower-end computer, however the options are:

Shadows Quality - this controls the quality of the in-game shadows. It can be set to Off, Low, High or Ultra - be aware though that the higher the setting, the more it will affect game performance although it will make the appearance better (Off is the best option for lower-end computers). The option below this (main shadow resolution) works alongside this to determine the size of the shadows.

Water Quality - this determines how the water appears (reflections) - the higher the setting, the more it will affect performance although it will appear better. Options for this are Low, High, or Ultra.

Anti-Aliasing - this controls the smoothness of the in-game graphics - the higher it is, the smoother things appear but it may mean lower performance.

The other options (which are tick boxes) are as follows:

Use multiple render threads - this option is not very well documented at the moment, but from experience it allows multiple threads to be used for the in-game graphics 'rendering' if the option is ticked. Be aware though that on some graphics cards, ticking this option will cause the main game not to start and results in a rendering system failure.

Use Texture Streaming - this option is meant to improve performance if ticked by reducing the amount of video memory used although it may cause some delays when higher resolution graphics are loaded in.

Use Physx Simulation - this option is required for some of the Trainz A New Era features like rain/snow/smoke 'bouncing' off other objects. Be aware though that if there are a lot of these kind of effects in an area, this option may affect performance negatively.

Process Items behind Camera - if ticked, this makes the game process items that are 'behind you' when looking round the game world. If unticked, the game only processes items that are visible in front of you.

 Internet tab

This tab is where you enter your username and password that's associated with your MyTrainz account. This is important if you want to be able to make use of the online features that Trainz A New Era has to offer.

The options are as follows:

MyTrainz Account - this is where you enter your MyTrainz (formerly Planet Auran) login details - if you haven't got a MyTrainz account, click the Create Account button and follow the instructions given in your internet browser.

Whilst filling in the details, you may need to press Enter after entering your details in order for it to validate. Entering these details is also important to be able to install updates to the program.

Once you have entered your details, close the Settings box. After a few moments, a database repair should start - wait for this to complete.

First Class Ticket Status - If you have purchased a First Class Ticket from Simulator Central, this will show whether it is activated or not. If it is not activated, you will need to visit the MyTrainz site at Once at the site, login if prompted using your MyTrainz details, then click Download Tickets on the left. Once the resulting page appears, click First Class Tickets on the right hand side of the page, then click Activate next to your First Class Ticket followed by OK. Once done, restart Trainz A New Era completely (close and reopen) for it to take effect.

Disable Online Features (selected versions only) - this box controls whether Trainz A New Era is running in offline mode or not. If you wish to use the online features (including entering your username and password and using the in-game update feature) it is essential to untick this box and restart the game.

Developer Tab


These options control developer-related features of Trainz A New Era - under normal circumstances these should not need to be changed apart from possibly the last option.

User ID - this will be filled in automatically by the game with your user ID as given by N3V's system which is used when you create content. If this box is blank or has an entry of  -2, check your details under the Internet tab.

Daily backups to keep - Trainz A New Era stores backups of any modified or deleted content for a certain amount of days. By default it is 7 but it can be changed here. Note that this will affect how much hard drive space is used by the backup folders.

Enable Advanced Debug Tools - If this box is ticked, it will add more options in the Developer menu including the ability to fine tune advanced graphics settings through a post processing feature. Note that the game has to be restarted after changing this setting.